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Obstetric appoitments
Obstetric consultation with USS
Consultation, obstetric examination, obstetric 2D ultrasound *+50% price for twin pregnancies
Obstetric consultation with 3D/4D USS
Examination performed between 26 and 32 week of pregnancy, picture/movie price included *+50% price for twin pregnancies
Gynecologist appointments
Gyneacologcal consultation with examination
Gyneacologcal consultation with vaginal USS
Gyneacological consultation with breast examinaiton and USS
Advanced Appotiment I
Gyneacologist consultation with vaginal ultrasound and PAP-T test
Advanced Appoitment II
Gyneacologist consultation with USS, breast examination and USS
Profile 1: Reproductive system cancer
Gyneacologist consultation with vaginal USS, PAP-T test with possibility of conducting HPV test and cancer markers test. Talk about female reproductive system cancer prevention and cancer symptoms.
Profile 2: Infections and venereal diseases
Gyneacologist consultation with venereal examination and vaginal pH check Talk about prevention of vaginal infections and problems during intercourse
Profile 3: Conception problems
Gyneacologist consultation with vaginal USS, vaginal swab, vaginal pH check and urine test Talk about modern methods of infertility treatment in the UK with possibility of conducting hormonal tests determining the patency of the fallopian tubes and examination for partner
Menstrual cycle monitoring
Ovulation check via USS every visit
Medical report
Gyneacologist consultation - contraception
Full consultation with vaginal USS, PAP-T test and talk about contraception: which one to choose - 50 various methods avaliable in UK, how to prevent unwanted pregnancy, how to plan a pregnancy, what to in case of unwanted pregnancy
Hormonal intrauterine device placement
+ cost of intrauterine device
Copper intrauterine device placement
+ cost of intrauterine device
Intrauterine device removal
Repeat prescription
Only registered patients
Gyneacological diagnosis
PAP-T test
Harmony test
Non-invasive prenatal test from maternal blood
HPV test – 37 subtypes
Group B Strep
Vaginal swab
CT/GC swab
HSV I/II swab
Herpex simplex I/II test
Urine for microscopy and culture
beta hCG
Aesthetic gyneacology
Genital warts treatment via cryotherapy
Procedure performed by Dr Dorota Cybulska

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