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Personal Trainer:
Sergiusz Grzemny

Whatever your goal, Sergiusz is sure he can provide you with a tailor-made training programme that suits your ability. He puts a huge emphasis on posture and mobility when training his clients . He believes it is very important to ensure that you can perform any exercise safely and have good posture before embarking on a fitness programme.


Passionate about health and fitness since his teenage years, Sergiusz has always tried to gain as much knowledge in the field as possible.

Helping his friends and family through trial and error, he gained enough experience to start working as a coach in 2012. Realizing there are no more challenges to aid his development he decided to move to the UK two years later, where he’s been leading a successful PT career since then.

Experience and
area of expertise

7 years of gaining both practical and theoretical knowledge, being mentored by the best coaches and nutritionists in the industry. Working with a variety of different clients, dealing with their health and postural problems. The spectrum is broad: from "white collar" clients that want to improve their body composition, through MMA athletes preparing for their fights to strength athletes like powerlifters or strongmen.

Rehabilitating clients after car accidents, knee operations and working with clients suffering from Crohn's disease or fibromyalgia helped him develop the "rehab" part of his expertise.

‘Before and After’
Weight loss Program

‘Before and After’
Diet and Cardio Program

Experience and
area of expertise

In 2017 Sergiusz and Ascroft Medical clinic started their collaboration to help people.

Ascroft, providing blood testing, enabled Sergiusz to help people in most efficient way possible, allowing him to work with people suffering from variety of conditions such as diabetes or thyroid problems.

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Goals and plans
for the future:

Being the best or one of the best in the industry has been a driving force for Sergiusz since the beginning of his career. A constant desire to improve, help others and solve harder and more challenging cases that a potential client may experience. Hundreds of hours spent on mentoring, studying, reading and hundreds more spent on turning that knowledge into practice have just made Sergiusz more motivated to be better

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