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Robert Wolk

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My therapeutic work is based on Psycho-dynamic model called Core Process Psychotherapy. This approach incorporates classic western psychotherapeutic methods with Buddhist's psychology.

I offer short- and long-term psychotherapy for individual clients and for couples. I work with variety of clients, which includes patients who are suffering from depression and anxiety and people experiencing some difficulties in their life's (e.g. life changing events like illness or loss, divorce etc.). I also have experience in working with clients who are struggling with addictions like drugs, alcohol or gambling.


Between 1999–2003 I studied 'Problems of Therapy and Conflict Resolution' at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences in Warsaw. At that time I began working with children from families with an alcohol problem for one of the local NGOs.

In 2003, I moved to the UK where I started working with adults with adaptation problems, mainly with individuals with autistic spectrum disorder. Over the last six years to the fall of 2019, my main role involved coordinating the work and supervision of a team of field workers. My work was based on principles of Gestalt therapy.

In 2008 I started studying Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute (part of the University of Essex), and in 2011 I began working as a psychotherapist in one of London's medical centres still working as a team manager and supervisor.

Currently I run my own practice in London and cooperate with medical centres in the UK and Poland, working either “face-to-face” or remotely - by phone or via audio-video connections such as Zoom or Skype.


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