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Medical Specialists Ascroft

Karolina Maluga-Siek
Dental Surgeon/ Implant Dentist/ Aesthetic Medicine

More info:

Dr. Maluga-Siek specialises primarily in surgical procedures of the oral cavity such as reconstruction of bone tissue, surgical removal of teeth, soft tissue treatments and dental implants.

Karolina also performs treatments in Aesthetic Medicine, certified by attending international courses and advanced theoretical and practical training for health professionals. She continually improves her professional development, and uses the latest technology available.

Dr. Maluga-Siek has a great sense of aesthetics. The most attention during the treatment is paid to the safety of the procedure, subtle improvement of the looks, long term improvement of the skin condition and natural end results


Dr. Maluga-Siek graduated from The Medical University in Lublin, where in 2001 she was awarded with title of Dentist. Since graduation she continuously broadens her knowledge in dentistry by attending numerous courses and national and international conventions. She is a member of prestigious organisations such as The Royal College of Surgeons and The British Dental Association.

Dr. Maluga-Siek uses Akylos implant system focusing is quality and safety. Akylos is a product of the German company Dentsply, who's been in the market for over 25 years. Thanks to its predictability, natural aesthetics and excellent mechanical stability the Akylos implant system provides a good solution for all clinical situations.


  • Dental Surgeon/ Implant Dentist/ Aesthetic Medicine

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